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Stihl Chainsaws: Finding the Perfect Fit!

    Since 1926 Stihl has been the cutting edge leader of chainsaw development and offers wide array of chainsaws for the avid woodsmen or gardener. They offer a full line of electric, consumer, semi-professional, to professional chainsaws for you to select from for any basic outdoor project.


    Stihl Chainsaws offer a variety because they believe it is important to give you the selection you need to purchase the perfect saw. You can purchase the perfect Stihl to meet any of your outdoor projects, and get the job finished with ease.

        The Compact Saw

    If you think you would only use a saw on the rare occasion than the compact chainsaw is for you. It has a sleek design, lightweight, and offers many safety features found in Stihl chainsaws. It is perfect for the avid gardener or the backyard man who has to do a little trimming every now and then.

        The Mid-Range Saw

    Unless, you are the one who works outdoors, has an orchard, or farm and has to tend to a lot of trees than the mid-range saw is your perfect match. It is a saw with more than just power it is a saw with durability suited for pruning, cutting firewood, and the list could go on. It is suited for all of your daily needs and is built to last a lifetime.

        The Special Purpose Saw

    The special purpose saw is perfect for the worker who has to perform a little tree surgery or works quite a bit in the municipal parks. It offers a great lightweight top handle design for more control and flexibility when cutting or pruning your favorite tree.

        The Professional Saw

    The professional saw offers excellent power and a fantastic lightweight package rolled up into one for the professional woodsmen. It offers fantastic handling and reliability when cutting down those difficult trees. As well with its weight to size ratio it offers stability and balance making it easier to cut trees consistently throughout the day.

        Built to Last

    Stihl chainsaws are economic, conivient, and built to last they offer a variety of chainsaws fit to meet almost anyone's needs. You can match the perfect Stihl chainsaw to meet any of your needs whether it is big or small. All Stihl chainsaws offer compact-size, durability, power, and stability; you can find the perfect match no matter what the job is big or small.

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