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Homelite Chainsaws: Making Your Chainsaw Work for You

    Homelite was formed in 1921 when Charles Ferguson attempted to design a small weight gasoline driven generator from there the rest was history; in 1946 he created the first electric saw and the business grew to one of North America's leading manufacturer's.

    The Professional

    Homelite offers a variety of saws with different features for any type of work in mind. One of their leading saws for the outdoor professional is the Timberman20" it is suited for felling those big trees, and cutting large cord wood. It is a model chainsaw built on power:

  • 45 cc power stroke engine giving it speed and strength to complete almost any job
  • It has the zip start which makes it quick and smooth to get the job started
  • Patented safety Tip Anti-Kickback designed to prevent the user from being injured
  • 20 inch guide bar for the massive trees in mind
  • Chainsaw Brake in case you hit something hard or the chain begins to slip
    All of the features are on the timberman 20" built with one thing in mind to get the job done, quickly, efficiently, and built with safety in mind.

    The Handy

    Homelite also offers an extensive line of suitable saws for any handyman and one of the best featured is the Ranger with its 16" chainsaw bar it can cut down any small tree, and any light yard work. Some of its known features are:

    33 cc 2.0 cu in power start engine lots of power for a compact saw
    Zip start allows for easy starting
    It suitable for any yard project


    Homelite offers some of the best saws in the business and has offers 2 year warranty on most of its saws. If you are looking for products built on years of design and innovation than Homelite is the company you will trust.

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