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Chainsaw Safety: Taking Time to Prepare

    Chainsaws are a powerful tool, its chain can be used at a high-speed, and if it hits a hard substance it can move with a powerful force. Chainsaws can help to get the job done more efficiently but they can also be a dangerous tool if not used properly. The leading cause of many chainsaws injuries and deaths is carelessness and not taking the time to slow down or follow the proper procedures.

    The most important rule in chainsaw safety is taking the time to prepare before using your chainsaw. It is important first of all to select the proper chainsaw for the job; and use the right saw for the right tree. The bar should match the ratio to the tree in order to prevent any instability when cutting down trees.

    Second is to read the manual and guidelines before using your chainsaw it will tell you about all of the important safety features, and how to use your chainsaw properly before cutting.

    Third, sharpen your saw the sharper the saw the easier it is too use and cut down trees. The duller the saw the more work it has to do and can become a dangerous tool if it becomes unstable. As well, always clean, lubricate, and adjust your saw according to the manual a well running saw makes your job easier and safer.

    Fourth, you need the proper gear, and need to be dressed appropriately for working in the woods. Always remember never ever wear baggy clothing when using a chainsaw, and always wear the proper attire such as safety leg coverings, helmets, eye or face protection, gloves, and steel toe boots.

    Fifth, fell the tree and never work alone. Make sure the area is clear and there is no hazards lying around as you do not want to have to dodge flying debris.

    Sixth, stand at an angle so if it does kickback it will miss your head and neck, always keep both hands on the saw in order to have full control of the machine. Always remember never to cut wood from an old building unless all of the metal objects have been removed.

    Chainsaws are an important and effective tool used in order to get many hard jobs done but they can also be deadly if not used properly. It is important to remember that safety comes first in any job, and to take the time to prepare your saw before using or it could become a dangerous tool.

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