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Chainsaw Parts

    It's that time of year to do some work around the yard and you need to do a little tree trimming. It seems to be the perfect time to purchase your first chainsaw but you are overwhelmed by the variety and unsure to what to look for in the main components of the saw. Here is a rundown of some of the key parts you should be looking for in the perfect chainsaw.

    Engine Components

    The chainsaw is a tool set with one important job in mind to cut down anything quickly, and efficiently that means you need a chainsaw with power. Some of the main features of the chainsaw that drive that power are the flywheel that controls the engine speed and assists in cooling the engine. The next is the throttle mechanism which is used in decreasing or increasing the amount of fuel to the cylinders. The last is the throttle interlock which is the locking part that prevents the throttle from activating until the interlock is depressed. These three main components make your engine run smoothly, and allow for your chainsaw lasting a lifetime.

    Safety Features

    The next important part of the chainsaw is the safety features, and when shopping for the perfect chainsaw you will notice a variety of these components. Here are just a few of the parts you may see in the chainsaw you are purchasing:

    The Chain Catcher which is a guard designed to prevent a broken or out of control saw from striking its operator. The second safety feature is the Hand Guard which is a plastic shield that protects users from kickbacks. The Third is one of the most important safety features and is the chain break built to stop the chain if kickback occurs and prevent the user from harm.

    The more safety features you have on your saw the better as it protects you from any needless injuries, and allows for you to do your job with more ease.

    Ease of Use

    The next important consideration is determining the ease of the chainsaw and how you are able to work with its power. Some of the main components to help your work to be less demanding are the decompression valve which releases the saws compression and makes it easier for starting. The next is the anti-vibrating handle system this is imperative feature as limits the stress of operation on your upper torso. The last is the muffler designed to protect your hearing from chainsaw engine noise.

    These parts are necessity to any chainsaw operator as they assist you in operating your saw to the best of your capabilities without having any discomfort while operating this powerful machinery.

    Contributing Factors

    All of these are contributing factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing your first chainsaw. It is important to understand the parts of the saw and how they work in order to get the best use out of your machine.

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