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Chainsaw Carving

    The art of woodworking is romantic ideal; as you think of the old man chiseling away a beautifully sculptured woman he once loved. Wood carving has had an element of patience and practice in the artist toil but now a new form of carving has evolved from one of man's most powerful tools the chainsaw.

    Chainsaw carving has become one of North America's newest growing art form and many Artisans are learning the elements of cutting some of the most beautiful objects, and figures in today's woodworking society. It is an art that deals with delicacy, refinery, and using the proper equipment.

    Many of today's artists prefer to use quality equipment in order to achieve the likeness to many of their innovative art forms such as the imitation of the wilderness most beloved animals, and people. The wood that is used in chainsaw carving is green pine, oak, timber, ash, alder, and sycamore.

    All of these different woods add a blend and personal preference to many of these artists' lifelike sculptures. As well they always ensure after each project their pieces are sealed after completion in order to prevent an excessive amount of cracking.

    Another amazing feature of chainsaw carving is the main use of the chainsaw and how these Artisans are able to develop many of their intricate designs. Many have worked for years towards building a reputation in the industry and focus on a high quality of skilled art and detail.

    The key to carving is not just using any chainsaw bar but you need to focus on purchasing one that focuses on their chainsaw carving needs. Some recommend that the bar should come from a high quality steel, and the bar should range from 8" to 12" designed to1/4" pitch to ensure maximum potential in all of your designs.

    Chainsaw carving is noisy, rough, but it is also a delicate balance of creating designs by observing Mother Nature's animals, and wilderness. It is not an art for the brute force of man but is an art form nurtured with delicacy, and patience. Chainsaw carving has created some of the most beautiful art forms that are realistic to man and nature; creating a new form of art to study.

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